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Two Commissions

Being hired to paint a commission is always very hard for an artist.

Very soon, I will be writing a blog about what it means to be responsible to create a piece of art that the client wants and what makes you, as the artist, content and enthusiastic and inspired.

Yet, this commission involved two paintings and with different styles, a Banquet piece and a Nature Morte/Abstract piece.

It was a new client that had seen my work hanging on a current client's wall in Paris. Exciting isn't it. And very, very scary.

The overall process from commission to delivery was about 3 months exactly and worked well.

These are the two pieces. The Banquet piece is a normal piece matching many of my current banquet styles. The only requistive from the client was color and size (81 x 100 cm). I was left free for the design and content.

The 2nd commission was a bit harder to accomplish. The client wanted an almost exact copy of a painting that I did in 2005. The new piece is titled "Six Vases" it is a copy of a piece titled, "Nature Morte avec Cinq Vases". The size of both pieces are (130 x 162 cm).

Both pieces are now in Chicago Illinois and in a happy home.

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