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My favorite Artists

My wife & I recently visited New York City and of course went to our favorite Museums. The Met, MOMA, the Guggenheim and a new favorite. The Neue Galerie on 5th Avenue near the Met & Guggenheim. What a great trip. It inspired me to "jot" down some of my favorite artists, the artists that have inspired me since I started painting in 1962 in High School and then later at KC Art Institute.

Who are they? (In no particular order)

  • Pablo Picasso

  • Henri Matisse

  • Willem De Kooning

  • Vincent Van Gogh

  • Andre Derain

  • Franz Kline

  • Cy Twombly

  • Robert Motherwell

  • Jean Dubuffet

  • Piotr Strelnik

  • Lee Krasner

  • Marcel Duchamp

  • Joan Miro

  • Georges Rouault

  • Mark Rothko

  • Clyfford Still

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat

  • Edvard Munch

  • Jasper Johns

  • Emil Nolde

  • and many others

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