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Chase’s influences have centered on the styles of post impressionism, cubism, fauvism with aspects of german and abstract expressionism.


“I’m an oil painter through and through. I love the feel, the sensation of oil on canvas. Creating a stimulating assimilation of color, intensity, weight of line and composition that unveil a variety of imagery.”


“Without Art, we are robots without senses, feelings or emotions.

Art is essential to being alive, being real, being human.”



In 2003, while living in Paris, I began to explore and execute a series of still-lifes, and I titled the work the “Banquet Series”. My paintings in this series are a celebration of culture and the harvest of the many countries I have explored. I intend for this series to depict a sense of aesthetic lightness utilizing a neo-fauvist, eclectic palette. The paintings are a moveable feast, encompassing joy.




While living in Paris I began exploring a series of Nudes titled, “Trois Femmes”. The series depicts a sensitivity and celebration of the female figure in aesthetic lightness utilizing a neo-fauvist, eclectic palette, weaving a blanket of color, intensity, line and composition.

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